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Posted 06-03-12

Homeopathy Regulation updates

You are aware that the year 2012 is going to be a historical year for homeopaths of Ontario as the TC CHO have since announced the countdown to proclamation which has since been firmly set for completion in early 2013...
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Posted 31-12-11
Happy new year to all Members

HMAC board of directors wishes you and your family Joyous Holiday Season and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012...
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HMAC Mission

      • - Supporting the Registered and Qualified homeopathic profession in Ontario and Canada

      • - Establishing a Homeopathic Wing and Research Centre in the Hospitals in Ontario and Canada.

      • -To create a strong voice in Canadian healthcare and to ensure the optimal health of Canadians through the active promotion of the art and science of Homeopathic Medicine.

      • - Support the public in its right to receive high quality homeopathic care.

HMAC Aims And Objectives

-Support the practice of Ontario Registered and Qualified Homeopaths in Canada
-To promote the science, art and philosophy of Homeopathy for the benefit of the public
- To educate family medical doctors, other health care practitioners and the public concerning the benefits derived from Homeopathy.
- To unite, for their mutual interest, Homeopaths in the Province of Ontario and other provinces in Canada .
- To foster and encourage professional, social and educational activities among the members of the Association.
- To encourage raising of the standards of educational for Homeopaths.
-Work for the regulation of Homeopathy in other provinces of Canada .
- To do all such lawful things as may be deemed to be conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them.

Accomplishment/Ongoing activities

-Regulation of Homeopathy Profession in Ontario with effect 1 April 2015
-Supporting the Ontario registered and qualified homeopathic profession in Canada .
-Creating a strong voice in Canadian healthcare and to ensure the integration of Homeopathy in the main health care system of Ontario and Canada.
-To establish a Research Institution for ensuring Evidence Based Homeopathic Treatment in the scope of integrated Health Care System in Canada.