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About HMAC

  • The HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF CANADA (HMAC) was founded in the year 2006, by a group of qualified Homeopathic practitioners in the province of Ontario . Professional ethics and standards of this discipline bind all members . Through the HMAC, the public is assured of a professional, ethical and qualified practitioner.


  • The H.M.A.C. ensures exemplary standards of quality care by the Registered and Qualified Homeopaths in Ontario and Canada. The Homeopaths registered with the Association are the best trained, most qualified and knowledgeable health care practitioners who are competent to treat the patients professionally and safely.

    With its ongoing commitment to provide “Patient Centred and Quality Care” the HMAC have continuously providing its support to the College of Homeopaths of Ontario which resulted in passage of Homeopathy Act 2007 in the Ontario and its implementation and is now looking forward to initiate necessary process to get a separate Homeopathic Department under Natural Health Products Directorate, at the Federal Level (Health Canada).